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Audio Tech

Oregon Audio Company: Audio Precision

The sound world is an amazing one. Nothing can flow seamlessly without it. Audio Precision is an American based company that focuses on the manufacture of electronic sound gadgets. They mainly concentrate on the production of instruments that perform the function of audio analysis, software that measures any audio accessory that supports analog sound measurement.

Audio Precision Products:

The company is the manufacturer of the following equipment:

Audio Analyzers:

It is an instrument that measures and tests the performance of audio of electro-acoustic, digital, and analog devices. It uses the following parameters noise, crosstalk, harmonic, level, frequency response, gain, and distortion, among others. However, some manufacturers have their perimeters that they have set. At Audio Precision, they have various software that perform the analysis. they use the audio analyzer throughout the manufacturing process; therefore, it’s a vital instrument. Their company has developed the following versions:
AP×511 B Series: It evaluates hearing instruments and the signal quality of devices.
AP×58×B Series: It supplies up to eight analog inputs and outputs at the same time. It is useful for engineers who seek to test the performance of home theaters and mixing consoles, among others.
AP×500 Flex: It is the newest in their market. It pairs up with their software and a soundcard and emerges with professional measurement selection.
AP×555 B Series: It is the best analyzer for analog performance. It consists of only two channels, and they designed it for research and development.
AP×52× B Series: The design bridges the gap between digital alternatives and performance. It combines a minimum of two channels and a maximum of four. Moreover, users can modify it to their specific needs.
AP×515 B Series: It has two channels that allow it to work fast and flexibly. It is consistent and uncomplicated.

They manufacture audio analyzers that work excellently. They work under a wide range of bandwidth, and they use several channels. Their audio analyzers connect to both digital and analog interfaces. It includes HDMI, Bluetooth, PDM, and Digital Serial. Audio Precision also manufactures various internal modules and accessories to boost the function of the analyzer. These functions make them very flexible, and they allow them to function with other equipment.

For more information on audio analyzers, be sure to check out their website.


Audio Precision manufactures various and tests various audio applications that include the following;

Bluetooth: It is a necessary audio element in the current world. It carries out the function of encoding and decoding. Diverse gadgets such as loudspeakers, headphones, and headsets use them. There are various profiles of the Bluetooth that their company analyzes with their encoders and decoders. They use varied descriptions on a variety of equipment to test a single audio profile. However, their company measures the audio of the following four main types:

  • Audio Video Remote Control Profile (AVRCP).
  • Hands-Free Profile (HFP)
  • Advanced Audio Distribution Profile (A2DP)
  • Headset Profile (HSP)

Notwithstanding, a Bluetooth receives and transmits radio signals frequently. Therefore, a recognized sound measurement tests it.

Loudspeakers: Their company evaluates this device by using both analog and digital tests. They aim to test them in various environments to ensure that they have done it efficiently. Additionally, they perform the tests against a typical hearing range wavelength of a normal human being. Audio Precision follows the acceptable standard requirements in the sound industry and the best measurement tools to come up with the best results. They apply the international range that is required globally for their tests.

Mic Arrays and Micro-electromechanical system (MEMS) Microphones: These gadgets are used together with IVA systems. Their audio systems ensure that smart devices like phones and speakers function optimally. Their capable audio analyzer system can test them efficiently using their world-class technology and equipment.

Smart Devices: The Intelligent Virtual Assistant (IVA) technology has enabled various gadgets to operate. Individuals relay audio content on devices that they didn’t know could be possible. Ordinary home gadgets like electricity bulbs, music systems, fridges, TVs, and others can now take voice commandments and process the prompts. The smart phone has also evolved into much other equipment. It can function as a speaker, radio, and microphone, and others. At Audio Precision, they can test the smart speaker through various standardized measures. The gadget can function as an analog and digital device. Therefore, they use converters to analyze the sound quality that emanates from them.

Headphones: Headphones, headsets, and ear buds act basically like loudspeakers. At Audio Precision, they test the audio quality of these gadgets with the same methodology. However, all the devices that utilize closed coupling technology present a challenge in the design and manufacture phases. However, they have been able to tackle it and analyze the sound efficiently.

About Audio Precision

Audio Precision began in 1984, and their headquarters is in Beaverton, Oregon. However, in late 2018, the company was acquired by Battery Ventures. They have more than 30 years of experience in producing the best audio equipment. That includes applications, audio analyzers, and accessories. It is these tools that assist engineers in coming up with innovative sound instruments. That serves the industrial, consumer, and professional audio sectors.

The company employs up to 250 people, and it is the leading audio accuracy firm. Over the years, they have managed to emerge with several pioneer software and interfaces. It is this equipment that assists audio enthusiasts to enjoy various audio devices in comfort.

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